ION Cleaning Solution for your jewellery & accessories:

Each bottle (60ml)

is only $8.90, comes with nozzle spray for easy usage.

Intan Jewellery Cleaner
INTAN ION cleaning water (99.8% Ionised Water) is using a high concentration of negative ions to clean and remove dirt and odour from your precious belongings.

The great advantage of this product is that it does not contain any chemical which are commonly used in similar cleaning agents. It is gentle on our hands and also alcohol free !

It's ideal for cleaning metallic, platinum, gold, sliver, crystals, diamond, watches and other precious gemstone without the removal of any metallic layer or colour. It will remove any oxidation effect and our jewellery will be shiny sparkling ! 

Before Cleaning:                               After Cleaning (remove dust effectively):




Intan Jewellery cleaning- YouTube Video


KITZ 680 Natural cleaning solution for general purposes:

Organic Solution
KITZ 680 AT ONLY $3.20/- Hurry while stocks lasts (Limited Stock)
Multi- purpose cleaning solution. Handy and easy carry in your bag or pocket. It's safe, biodegradable and non-toxic. It uses castor oil, citrus peel, rice husk, pinus palustris, and other natural agents etc. It Sanitises and eliminates bacteria. It can use to clean surfaces like glasses, jewellery, bags, furniture. Simply spray and wipe! 

For first time-user, if purchase our portable air-con or other appliance, you can get a FREE bottle of the Kitz 680 Spray.

Alternatively you can get a Free sample from us at 268 Balestier Rd Singapore 329719.

For household spray bottle of Kitz 680 (500ml), it's available at $10.80 only!

Kitz Swift 680 solves household cleaning problems with a safe and unique spray and wipe solution. Kitz Swift 680 is formulated from natural vegetable extracts and conforms to the aircraft industry's BOEING 06-17487, McDonnell Douglas CSD#1 and Aerospace Material Specifications AMS 1526A tests on safety towards surfaces.

Featuring a colloidal action, Kitz Swift 680 cleans continuously with penetrating power and without loss of efficiency, even when the cleaning cloth is soiled. Kitz Swift 680 removes carbonaceous soils, dirt, oil and grease. Kitz Swift 680 annihilates dust mites and discourages flies, ants and cockroaches. A high standard of hygiene is attained with the use of Kitz Swift 680 which has powerful germicidal, fungicidal and deodorizing properties conforming to McDonnell Douglas CSD#3 Antimicrobial Curve Test.


Removes grease, carbon and dirt.  Cleans kitchen exhaust systems, stove tops, oven interiors, cooker hoods, microwave ovens (spray onto damp cloth first, then simply wipe), dining tables, cabinets and refrigerators (interior, exterior and removes mould and mildew from rubber linings).

Also lifts fresh stains from carpet, cleans fingerprints from walls, windows and removes sebaceous grease marks. Use Kitz Swift 680 on furniture, bathtubs, toilet fittings, shower curtains and wash basins etc. It is ideal for cleaning automobiles and for boats and yachts. It also destroys odors in the air and on any surface.

So Much More Than Just A Cleaner...

  • Eliminates germs & virus from toothbrushes: Germs and virus can survive for weeks amidst the bristles of toothbrush placed in bathrooms due to the damp environment. To eliminate the germs and virus from the toothbrush which can cause repeated and prolonged bouts of influenza and other illnesses, spray Kitz Swift 680 on the bristles of toothbrush before and after use. Wash toothbrush with clean water before use.

  • Main Active Ingredients:

    Botanical Extracts (castor seed, citrus peel,rice husk, pinus palustris), natural wetting agent, fragrance compound.
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