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It removes stubborn odours and effective for big areas/rooms/hallsDehumidifier



It reduces moisture in your room, keeping your items dry ...

 such as shoes, bags, leather bags or shoes, electronic items or equipments & art collections  in moisture-free conditions, hence prevents corrosion, fungus or rust.

With a dehumidifier, you can also create a laundry room that speed up the drying process of your washed clothings.

 It also reduces health problems and Odour caused by damp environment.

With Dehumidifiers you can achieve the desirable room humidity level at your fingertips!


When you mix heat, darkness and dampness, the result is mold growth. These fungi can wind their way behind walls, in furnace ducts and in basements. They pose both a health threat and an environmental threat. Dehumidifiers eliminate the dampness and thus the mold.


Microscopic bugs called dust mites thrive in areas of high humidity. These insects can crawl in the crevices of fabrics and furniture and cause a variety of health problems. A dehumidifier will lower the household humidity and eliminate the dust mites.

Asthma and Allergies

Asthma and allergies are common maladies. Many of their symptoms can be triggered by humidity. Household and industrial humidifers can reduce the humidity to low levels, easing or eliminating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Busting a Traveling Pest

A humidifer in the basement can keep mold and mildew from traveling throughout a house via furnace ducts. Basements are notorious for fungal growth and a dehumidifier can keep it from infecting an entire household.

Other Insects

A humid environment is the ideal place for many types of insects to thrive. Cockroaches, water bugs and termites prefer warm, humid climates. They can pass on disease and are an aesthetic nuisance as well. Dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity of their environment, making it not such a nice place to live.

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