Zano Ziwa Mindfulness Language Training (English/Burmese/Chinese)

We believe in any goodness that promotes holistic education and well being in everyone of us, 
to enrich our lives and others around us. Examples of courses are 
Mindfulness (Self-awareness) and Public Speaking (to enhance self-confidence).

Besides promoting goodness, we are also interested in helping our younger generation in their Chinese Language in Singapore. 
According to recent news 24/10/2019(Read the news), 71% of families are English speaking though mostly are Singaporean Chinese! 
Let us help them to be able to use their mother tongue fluently!
 We also welcome other ethnic group to enjoy making conversation in Mandarin.

Besides Chinese Language, Myanmar Language is introduced for people 
who are interested in travelling or doing business in Myanmar. 
As Myanmar or Burmese Language comes with rich Myanmar Culture over 1000 years. 
By learning the language we will learn its rich culture and able to connect with Myanmar people 
which opens up new business channels in Myanmar. With domestic Myanmar helper at home, 
knowing their language helps one to communicate better and avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

Therefore we are pleased to provide the following courses / programmes:

1) Burmese Language Speaking (Children/ Adults)
2) Myanmar Language & Cultural Workshop
3) Chinese Language Speaking (Adults) 成人中文会话课程
4) Chinese Language for primary and secondary levels (MOE Syllabus) 中小学华文补习

4) Mindfulness Course for everyone
5) Public Speaking Course
6) Health & Wellness Talks
7) Holistic Fair/Talks

Other services:
Translation for English- Myanmar- Mandarin
Online Teaching of Myanmar and Chinese Language

1) Burmese Language Speaking (Children/ Adults)
    For more details about the trainer, go to Terry Teza
    For Learning Tips, please go to Effective Learning Tips - Burmese (Myanmar) Language

2) Myanmar Language & Cultural Workshop
    This introduction course is suitable for people who wish to understand the tradition, attitude , values and culture aspect of Myanmar people and
    their language and food.

3) Chinese Language Speaking (Children/ Adults)
    Due to lack of Mandarin speaking environment, kids are more comfortable speaking English daily. By introducing and emphasizing word recognition          and associate Chinese Characters with stories and pictures, children can read better and build their interest and confidence in speaking and writing. 
    To motivate and encourage them in Chinese learning by making lessons more interesting is important. 

    Adults can also learn speaking effectively by listening and speaking in class after learning Han Yu Pin Yin. Weekly classes can be conducted.

    Teacher is experienced full-time Tutor for years and familiar with MOE syallabus.



4) Mindfulness Course for everyone
    Mindfulness helps in everything. This introduction to Mindfulness course will shed light on how simple mindfulness exercises could enhance your quality
    of life in every way!  The benefits of mindfulness practices includes 1) peace of mind 2) ability to cope with worry & sorrow 3) emotion management 
    4) clarity of mind 5) lesser mistakes in decision making 6) improve happiness and well-being. Come and learn the method and find out for yourself! 

5) Public Speaking for Beginner Course - Effective communication, be it one to one or to group of people or public, is a must learn life-skill to have a
    fulfilling relationship with everyone around you. This course is for beginner to make the first step to start the journey of speaking effectively and
    expressing oneself well! 

6) Health & Wellness Talks
    Invited trainers will share their expertise in different area of physical and mental well-being. 

7) Holistic Fair/Talks
    Occasional events where different holistic practitioners are welcome to share their experience.
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